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Black Ash Entertainment is a professional, driven and client-focused lead generation company whose main goal is to digitally put your story on the map.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses generate targeted traffic and automate their lead generation.

About Us

Black Ash Entertainment is an all-in-one lead generation company based in Bucharest, Romania.

Thanks to our extensive reach, we can offer a wide variety of sales resources to promote your solution and grow your sales network.

We believe that every business tells a story and by understanding those stories we can help you develop a better connection with your customers.

“One size does not fit all” is our approach to lead generation, as each of our clients get a customized campaign based on their strategic business goals.

We have the ability to turn your website from just an “online brochure” into an efficient marketing tool that generates a never-ending stream of qualified leads.

4 Years in Business
13 Experts
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What we do



We can help you get warm leads based on the most reliable and accurate data, as we use the best tactics and strategies around to build personalized campaigns suitable for what your brand needs. Our team will perform market research, collect information, verify it and lastly, create the best strategy for your business.



Undeniably, you need an excellent lead generation strategy in order to accurately target your audience, get qualified leads and further develop your business. We encourage interested prospects to engage with your company through innovative marketing tactics and methods that will successfully turn leads into sales.

Lead Qualification

Lead qualification

Unqualified leads are a complete waste of time and money. But luckily this is where we step in. Our expert team can generate lists of the right target buyers and significantly expand your lead volume while your team can focus on the interested prospects and close the sales.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing

We determine if the prospect fits the customer persona and develop relationships with potential customers throughout all the stages of the sales funnel and buying process. Our lead nurturing involves being aware of the potential customers’ needs and guiding them through the entire buying process.



Data collection and lead generation equal strong customer relationships. Every data we gather from your leads is a valuable piece of information that helps us paint a picture of your target audience. Once leads become customers, you can use our reports to offer them the best customer services and keep them up to date.

Continuos Optimization

Continuous Optimization

In order to have a successful and consistent performance, your company needs a repeatable process that can be optimized and continually improved. Our lead generation services may include everything from improving conversion rates and website optimization to managing advertising and organic search campaigns.

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Share your business story with us and find out if your vision matches ours. We’d be happy to become partners with you and make great things happen!

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